Cent Gardes conference: the latest advances in HIV prevention and control

October 22, 2019 - Les Pensières Center for Global Health, Veyrier-du-Lac (France)


The Cent Gardes conference on HIV prevention and control strategies took place at Les Pensières Center for Global Health, September 30-October 2.

Cent Gardes conference: the latest advances in HIV prevention and control

The Cent Gardes conference, held every two years in partnership with the French Agency for Research on AIDS and Viral Hepatitis (ANRS) and the French National Institute of Health and Medical Research (Inserm), brings together international speakers of the highest level: scientific experts from public and private research, hospitals, universities and also representatives of health authorities.

The 2019 edition brought together 70 participants and speakers from around the world to discuss the developments that will be possible for HIV prevention and control, improving vaccine approaches, diagnosis and access to healthcare in developing countries.

It was a great honor for the Cent Gardes to welcome Prof. Ole Petter Ottersen, president of the Karolinska Institutet, who opened the conference with a speech on the role of universities in addressing the major global health issues and challenges of the 21st century.

The conference was organized around five sessions, featuring many experts and scientists: HIV prevention, neutralizing antibodies (called bNabs), bNab induction, and the issues of transmission and host response modulation. During these sessions, scientists and healthcare professionals were able to exchange ideas and increase their knowledge about HIV therapeutics and prevention campaigns, both present and future.

Launched in 1986 by Dr. Charles Mérieux, the Cent Gardes conference is one of the first international scientific events on HIV/AIDS, created to foster the transfer of expertise and knowledge on key aspects of this infectious disease.