ExpandTB Haiti: New tools implementation for TB / MDR TB detection

February 7, 2012 - Lyon (France)


The ExpandTB programme, funded by UNITAID and coordinated by FIND, was launched in 2008 by the organization StopTB.

Its overall objective is to improve the detection of TB and MDR TB in countries with a high prevalence of TB. Its main strategic focus involves the use of new laboratory tools, such as liquid media and DST (MGIT system, BD), molecular LiPA (MTBDRplus and MTBDRsl, Hain), and immunochromatographic testing to identify the M. tuberculosis complex (Capilia, Tauns), all of which are intended to be appropriately included in the diagnostic algorithm of TB / MDR TB.

In 2009, Haiti was designated as one of the countries eligible to participate to this program. Once these new laboratory tests are validated, Haitian partners (GHESKIO and LNSP) will be able to benefit from a 3-year cost-free supply of reagents through the ExpandTB programme, and will be able to demonstrate the need for these new tests to be incorporated into the national detection algorithm of TB / MDR TB. GHESKIO was designated as the first institution to put these technologies into use on account of its close relationship with national health programs, and is being the sole facility able to performe TB cultures. FIND and Fondation Mérieux co-managed this study.

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