First day of school for the BAMS training in medical applied biology

October 1, 2007 - Bamako, Mali


On 1 October 2007, the first year of students – professionals of biological analysis, arrived at the Charles Mérieux Center for Infectious Disease in Bamako in order to follow the new qualified laboratory technicians training: BAMS.

The Mérieux Foundation knows that the improvement of the quality in public health needs the strengthening of capacities in medical biology: it has decided, in partnership with ESTBB, to create the BAMS training.

16 laboratory technicians selected among 85 candidates will follow until May 2008 theoretical and practical teaching in the fields of immunology, biochemistry, bacteriology, parasitology, virology and molecular biology. The teachers of these courses are Malian and French.

The technicians chosen for this first year of BAMS work in different national health centres of reference in Mali and Burkina Faso. The Ministry of Health in Mali accepted that the technicians follow the training because the health professionals were committed to return to work in their original laboratories in order to contribute to the quality of the public health.

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