Support for Laboratories

Organisational and financial auditing task at the Regional Hospital Laboratory Centre in Antsirabe, Madagascar

April 19, 2011 - Antsirabe (Madagascar)


Support for the Antsirabe Regional Hospital Laboratory Centre in the Vakinankaratra region is a landmark project for the office of the Mérieux Foundation in Madagascar.

After two health missions to assess the health situation in the region in 2005 and 2006, this project began in in 2007, and is composed of the following componets:

  • rehabilitation of public buildings;
  • technical support (starting new analyses, setting up internal quality control schemes and staff training) and;
  • economic support (setting up a economical management scheme to ensure the durability of projects in the laboratory in line with the model proposed by the Madagascan Minister of Health).

The monitoring of the project was carried out by a team of fieldworkers and outreach institutions (hospital, Regional Department of Health, Minister of Health laboratory services). On the ground, a retired biologist and a volunteer for Fondation Mérieux have worked daily in the laboratory since 2009 on training / capacitiy building and supporting the set-up of procedures.

At the end of January 2011, an organisational audit was organised to stock take the years of support of the laboratory by the Mérieux Foundation.

The auditing team was made up of the manager of the hospital (who is the ‘organisational audit’ focal point for the Vakinankaratra region) and his assistant, as well as the manager of Fondation Mérieux in Madagascar.

The objectives were to:

  • review the evolution of the financial volume of the laboratory in line with the ministerial model;
  • to evaluate the strong points and weak points of the organisation (its own organisation within the laboratory; timetable, stock management, placement of orders… – in line with the other hospital services, analysis payment…);
  • to propose prospects and to collaborate with the laboratory Services under the scrutiny of the laboratory guide.

The first presentation of results was made in mid-February at the Ministerial Laboratory Services which will be completed during upcoming work sessions.