The Chemotherapy Against Parasites Consortium’s summer school was held at Les Pensières, Fondation Mérieux’s Conference Centre

January 14, 2013 - Les Pensières, Annecy (France)


The Chemotherapy Against Parasites Consortium’s summer school was held for the first time in June 2012, at Les Pensières, with the support of Fondation Mérieux, Merial Inc. and Sovedis Inc.

This first session gave the opportunity for five young PhD students, originating from five different countries (Cameroun, France, Germany, Japan, Tunisia), to present their work, exchange with colleagues and build a common project under the supervision of senior fellows.

Positive points of the summer school included better understanding of project and budget designs, scientific discussions and debates of individual research and openess of the pharmaceutical industry. Networking, which is very useful for research and development activities, was also one of the goals of the meeting held in this magnificent setting with pleasant working conditions.

The Chemotherapy Against Parasites Consortium is brings together professionals involved in therapeutic innovation, academic researchers and partners from industry in order to meet the challenge of discovering more specific and better tolerated treatments against human and animal parasitic diseases.

Facing the challenges associated with the global extension of parasites, including drug resistance and toxicity of many antiparasitic drugs, more than 50 different French teams, located either in the country or in endemic or tropical areas, decided to share their efforts, through Prof Philippe Loiseau and under the auspices of the French Society of Parasitology.

These teams are members of numerous public or private organizations (INSERM, Pasteur Institute, CNRS, INRA, IRD, University hospitals, MNHN, Universities, companies) which helps the Consortium to develop a strong partnerships.

A short video is available on ’YouTube’.

The next session will be held in June 2013.

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