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Setting up of a microbiology unit in Thakhek Hospital

11 October 2010, Thakhek (Laos)

As part of the continuing construction of the laboratory extension in Thakhek Hospital (Laos), which was unveiled in January 2009, Fondation Mérieux initiated the integration of an bio-medical intern, Dr. Elodie Luangkot, with financial support from the Rhône-Alps region.

Her mission, whose main objective was the training of a laboratory team, and the launching and sustaining of a microbiology unit, comes to an end today.

Dr. Luangkot presented a positive assessment of her mission highlighting the following achievements:

  • Sustainability of the laboratory activities through the drafting of procedures;

  • Training of the laboratory team;

  • Discovery ot 4 different cases of melioidosis, which lead to the setting up of a specific protocol for suspected patients.

Fondation Mérieux and the Rhône-Alps region have decided to continue this mission through the integration of a new intern in 2011, whose major objective will be to reinforce biological analysis prescriptions and to support doctors in the interpretation of results.

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