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9 July 2008, Bamako, Mali

The first training year of BAMS in Mali for laboratory technicians ended with success. This programme was organized by Fondation Mérieux in partnership with ESTBB (School of Technicians in Biochemistry and Biology).

<abbr title="Bachelor of Science of Biological and Applied Medical Sciences">BAMS</abbr>

The Charles Mérieux Centre in Bamako (Mali)

The 14 trainees (13 from Mali and 1 form Burkina Faso) who improved their techniques, are now back in their laboratories, their Bachelor with them.

In the field, the Bachelor is managed by Fondation Mérieux in Bamako, Mali. Improvement modules are provided by teachers from the Catholic University of Lyon Faculty of Sciences and the Bamako Medicine and Pharmacy Faculty.

The 2008 - 2009 class will have 16 new interns coming from the whole West Africa and will start on 24 September.

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