Mérieux Foundation & University of Geneva co-organized event

2nd Workshop of the Global Collaboration on Advanced Vaccinology Training


From  March 22-24, 2022, the second Workshop of the Global Collaboration on Advanced Vaccinology Training will be held at Les Pensières Center for Global Health, with approximately 70 participants.

This workshop is organized by the Mérieux Foundation and the University of Geneva in collaboration with other partners and will bring together vaccinology course leaders and partners who will be present either in face-to-face or remotely.

The objectives of the first edition of this workshop organized in November 2018 were to have an overview of vaccinology education around the world, discuss its future and identify potential areas of collaboration between different training initiatives. Twenty-six vaccinology courses were represented.

In March, more than 30 courses will be represented to review global collaboration in advanced vaccinology education in the context of the health crisis, to help courses address challenges in priority areas, and to facilitate activities and information exchange. The aim will also be to discuss how collaboration between these different vaccinology courses could be formalized.

The specific objectives of this workshop are listed below:

  • Update the landscape analysis of advanced vaccinology courses and reflect on the evolution since 2018
  • Share experiences and good practices in the implementation of virtual training
  • Review the training needs of target audiences and empower courses to adjust the content of the courses to meet the needs of their audiences and establish a regular needs assessment process
  • Inform courses of the challenges, added value and principles of accreditation
  • Give participants the necessary background to improve their courses evaluations and overcome their challenges
  • Identify ways to support and facilitate cascade training
  • Review COVID impact and identify remaining related training needs
  • Identify solutions to facilitate refresher courses
  • Identify ways to facilitate networking of courses participants (particularly for virtual courses)
  • Identify needs and barriers and implement necessary actions to facilitate sharing information and resources between courses
  • Identify any necessary developments of the e-Portal of the collaboration to facilitate activities of the collaboration
  • Decide on the need for a formalization of the collaboration 


Sandra Angèle

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