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5th Meeting of the GTFCC Working Group on Water, Sanitation & Hygiene (WASH)

March 2020 - Webinar Series


5th Global Task Force on Cholera Control annual meeting

The Ending Cholera: A Global Roadmap to 2030 launched in October 2017 was the first step in operationalizing the new global strategy for cholera control. It sets out a path toward a world in which cholera is no longer a threat to public health, targeting a 90% reduction in cholera deaths and eliminationof cholera in 20 countries by 2030.

Cholera shows us the precise locations of the people and communities who have been left behind in the course of global development. Because cholera is a highly sensitive, highly specific indicator for extreme poverty, targeting cholera hotspots is an effective way to prioritize the delivery of WASH interventions to achieve maximum impact and return on investment across a wide range of outcomes. We can achieve sustainable WASH improvements that will put the world’s poorest back on the global development agenda and help us to make major strides towards achieving these collective goals. The WASH Working Group will address this issue at its annual meeting.

Objectives of the meeting

At its fifth meeting, the WASH Working Group defined its role and strategies to support countries achieve 80% WASH coverage of the cholera hotspots.

Specifically, the meeting objectives were to:

  • Showcase current practices aimed to increase WASH investments in cholera hotspots by countries, partners and donors.
  • Critically review existing, emerging or new tools, strategies and approaches aimed to support the implementation of WASH in countries.
  • Identify actions to be taken by countries, partners and donors to support the development and implementation of the WASH component of their National Cholera Plans (NCPs).
  • Identify opportunities for the application of the research plan and integration into the broader GTFCC research agenda.

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Download the Webinar Series 2 report

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Day 1 Wednesday, March 25

Day 2 Wednesday, April 22

Day 3 Wednesday, May 13

  • Webinar Series 1: Tools, strategies and approaches to support WASH implementation in countries

  • Development and implementation of multisectoral national cholera plans​

    Margot NAULEAU

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  • Developing a methodology for​ costed wash action plans ​in cholera hostspots​


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  • Webinar Series 2: WASH data in cholera hotspots

  • Webinar Series 3: WASH data in cholera hotspots

  • Evidence-Based Targeted WASH Interventions to Reduce Cholera in Hotspots in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Bangladesh​

    Christine Marie GEORGE

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  • The status of hygiene behaviours for cholera prevention in hotspots in Zambia​

    Jenala CHIPUNGU

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  • Prevention and control of cholera with household and community WASH interventions: ​ a scoping review of current international guidelines​


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  • ​WASH Working Group:​ optimization of WASH and cholera research ​ ​

    Monica RAMOS

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