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GTFCC Working Group on Epidemiology Webinar Series

26 June - 10 July 2020 - Webinar Series


In lieu of the annual face to face GTFCC Epidemiology Working Group meeting, 3 webinars of approximately 90-minute duration each will be organized on June 12, June 26, and July 10, 2020 and the sessions will occur from 1600-1730 (CET).

These webinars will focus on the GTFCC hotspot identification tool, published in fall of last year, with the intention of improvements and evolution made over time with experience (detailed introduction attached). The sessions will be based on presentations from countries and partners followed by interactive discussions.

Each of the three sessions will review and discuss specific elements of the tool format and the indicators that might be included, as follows:

Session 1 (June 12, 2020, 1600-1730 CET): the tool as with its current indicators

  • Issues of ease-of-use
  • Ideal administrative levels
  • Effects of the differing epidemiology of endemic and epidemic cholera
  • Methods of hotspot priority ranking, incidence/persistence boundaries, proportion of total population

Session 2 (June 26, 2020, 1600-1730 CET): the tool modified with one or more direct cholera indicators

  • Lab data
  • CFR, mortality
  • Current transmission
  • Duration of historic cholera data used for analysis

Session 3 (July 10, 2020, 1600-1730 CET): the tool modified to include descriptive indicators of cholera risk

  • WASH factors
  • Vulnerability factors (risk of transmission, risk of poor outcomes, special populations, etc.)

We hope you can join us in these discussions as identifying cholera hotspots and prioritizing them for intervention is a cornerstone of national cholera control program development and implementation.

Learn more on the webinar series

Download the session 1 program

Download the session 2 program


Day 1 Friday, 12 June

Day 2 Saturday, 26 June

Session 1 - GTFCC hotspot mapping tool

Moderator: Francisco LUQUERO, GTFCC Epidemiology Working Group Leader

  • 16:00 CET

    Overview of hotspot tool

    David OLSON, WHO Cholera team

    Download presentation
  • 16:00 CET

    Country experience: Zimbabwe

    Manes MUNYANYI, Deputy Director Health information and Surveillance

    Download presentation

Session 2 - Cholera-specific epidemiologic indicators for identifying and mapping cholera hotspots in countries

Moderator: Francisco LUQUERO, GTFCC Epidemiology Working Group Coordinator