Mérieux Foundation co-organized event

MOOC on Quality Management in medical biology laboratories

October 11 - December 21, 2021 - Virtual Event


The quality of a laboratory is seen as its ability to provide accurate, reliable results at the right time and at the best cost, so that physicians can determine the appropriate treatment for patients.

To achieve this goal, precise processes and procedures must be in place in the laboratory. The Quality Management System translates into the application of an organization to achieve the satisfaction of laboratory users and compliance with requirements.

The MOOC “Quality Management in a Medical Biology Laboratory”, created by the Mérieux Foundation, in partnership with Afnor and the Institut Pasteur, aims to:

  • Make all laboratory staff aware of the challenges of quality management,
  • Understand the inner workings of the ISO15189 standard,
  • Understand the methods and tools for setting up a quality management system.

In this third and final session of the online course, the foundations of quality will be approached and the involvement of the quality management system on all the processes implemented in a laboratory will be examined with the help of education videos. In addition to these resources, feedback from laboratory staff that have set up a quality management system will serve as testimonials to concretely understand the implementation of this approach, particularly in a context of developing countries, such as Haiti, Laos and Mali.

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Anh-Thu Ngo

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