Establishment of HIV viral load measurement at the NHL in Yangon, Myanmar

October 6, 2015 - Yangon (Myanmar)


Fondation Mérieux trained the teams at the National Health Laboratory (NHL) to provide reliable viral load monitoring to Burmese patients.

Fondation Mérieux set up a platform for HIV viral load monitoring at the NHL in Yangon as part of a partnership signed with MSF Holland in December 2014.

Two training sessions were given to four NHL technicians to prepare for the launch of testing at the laboratory. The technicians were trained in good laboratory practices and the interpretation of analyses that are essential for monitoring patients living with HIV/AIDS.

Viral load monitoring measures the level of viral RNA in the blood of patients and thus indicates the amount of virus circulating in the body. It is important for verifying the effectiveness of antiretroviral treatment and providing each patient with optimal and personalized care. The testing also helps to prevent treatment failures, which can result in increased morbidity and healthcare costs.

The project builds on the success of a similar initiative in Mandalay, which was carried out in partnership with The Union against Tuberculosis. Viral load monitoring will also be established in Dawei, in partnership with MSF Switzerland. By installing these new platforms, Fondation Mérieux and its partners are giving local medical teams access to tools that were previously inaccessible.