Partnership with the Accordia Foundation in Mali

November 9, 2011 - Bamako (Mali)


With the impetus of a partnership between Fondation Mérieux and the Accordia Foundation, the Charles Mérieux Centre of Infectiology in Mali has been working since April 2011 with experts from primary partner research centres on the adaptation, translation and setting up of a biology course on HIV / AIDS and related opportunist infections, and laboratory management in French speaking countries.

This course has already been introduced in English speaking countries by the IDI (Infectious Diseases Institute) of the Makerere University in Uganda.

Five trainers from Mali were identified and invited to Kampala to attend the course in English and benefit from the training of trainers.

The first pilot course was given at the Charles Merieux Conference Centre in Mali from September 5-16, 2011, to 18 trainees from military health staff in Mali and financed by the American Department of Defense.

As the results were extremely satisfying, the Accordia Foundation has asked the Centre to organise four further sessions in 2012.

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