Partnership with the AnBer Foundation

November 21, 2011 - Port-au-Prince (Haïti)


With the support of the AnBer Foundation, an organization recognised as a public utility in teaching, training, employment and health, Fondation Mérieux has been able to strengthen its activities in Haiti.

Infectious disease (tuberculosis, HIV / AIDS, pneumonia, diarrhea etc.) represent a real public health problem in Haiti, and the suffering population has increased since the earthquake. Without quality diagnostics, these diseases cannot be treated appropriately.

At the country’s request, Fondation Mérieux has introduced a certificated training programme for advanced laboratory technicians: BAMS (Bachelor of Science in Biological and Applied Medical Sciences), in close collaboration with the Catholic University of Lyon, the National Laboratory for Public Health and the Haitian Ministry for Public Health and Population.

This training programme aims to strengthen theoretical and practical training of biological laboratory technicians. People with this qualification could, from their training, use it as a solid theoretical and practical base in their work in order to establish quality biological diagnostics; for the benefit of patients under analysis.

The contribution of the AnBer Foundation has thus covered the costs related to the technical material requirements during the training.