Solidarity Forum for water in the countries of the Niger Basin

September 27, 2011 - Bamako (Mali)


The Chirac Foundation, a member of the World Water Council and the French Water Partnership, is organising, in partnership with the Republic of Mali and of the Niger Basin Authority, the forum ‘Solidarity Forum for water in the countries of the Niger Basin’ which will be held in Bamako on 17-18 October 2011.

From a progress report on the actions carried in the Niger basin since the Declaration of Paris and the Marseille Global Water Forum, the Bamako Forum will aim to:

  • To highlight and promote business solutions, ewamples of actions on the ground and successful experiences to meet the challenges of access to water and sanitation.
  • To reiterate the importance of increased mobilization around the Niger Basin Authority to promote greater cross-border cooperation for the development of the river and the concerted and sustainable management of water resources.
  • To promote innovative financing dedicated to access to water.
  • To support the countries of the region in the process of ratifying the UN Convention on International Watercourses (1997).

As part of these meetings, Benoît Miribel, Director General of Fondation Mérieux, a partner of this event, will moderate the discussion on the theme: ‘Water and sanitation: Water quality and sanitation safety’.


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