Mérieux Foundation & University of Geneva co-organized event

21st Advanced Course of Vaccination (ADVAC)

May 9 - 27, 2021 - Virtual


The ADVAC course, co-organized by the Merieux Foundation and the University of Geneva, is an intensive training program of vaccinology dedicated to local, national, and international decision makers from academia, industries, government and non-governmental agencies, working in all areas related to vaccines and immunization.  The course aims to facilitate critical decision-making in vaccinology by providing participants with a 360° vision and comprehensive overview of the field, from immunology to vaccine development and clinical trials, and the social, economic, political and ethical issues of vaccination.

ADVAC aims to expand the scientific foundation of the participants and their knowledge in vaccinology areas outside of their current expertise, showing the multifaceted aspects of vaccinology, allowing them to explore novel technologies and think more globally and holistically, and providing them with a unique skill set to develop their leadership in vaccinology.

ADVAC represents a unique networking opportunity where participants can form valuable and sustainable professional relationships and serves as a platform where problems to professional challenges can be shared and solutions identified.

This intensive course, postponed in 2020 because of the COVID-19 pandemic, is organized in a virtual interactive setting this year with more than 70 lectures followed by open discussions, working groups, workshops, case studies and debates.

The over 60 world-renowned faculties contribute to the success of the course. In 2020, more than 220 applications were received with only 75 places for participants who will attend the course remotely in 2021.

Adjustments are made regularly at the program level to maintain high interactivity in the course and this year, the program has also been adapted to the new course format. For example, new presentations will be proposed on the interaction between the immune system and the microbiota, on cancer vaccines and on COVID-19 vaccines. Two special lectures from industries will also focus on the role of vaccine industries for meeting global needs.

This course will include a session on facing the media and ensuring a virtual impact in the context of vaccine hesitancy and the anti-immunization lobby.  This session will consider the different cultures.

As every year, the allocation of European CME credits has been requested from the European Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (EACCME).

Fellowships covering the course registration fees will be available for several participants selected according to predefined criteria. At the end of the course, participants join an active network of more than 1,100 alumni to continue exchanging on vaccinology issues at international level.

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