Mérieux Foundation event

Off target effects of vaccination

June 8-10, 2015 - Les Pensieres Center for Global Health, Veyrier-du-Lac (France)


The immunological landscape is changing dramatically. We have recently learned that immune memory can be re-educated, that innate immunity can have “memory”, that certain lymphocytes can exhibit innate-like responses and that vaccines may have broader specificities that vary with age and sex. Recent clinical, immunological and epidemiological studies show that vaccines can provide greater protection than their intended purpose.

The workshop is designed to not only advance the science of vaccinology, but also to raise the key question that if indeed the off-target effects are real and measurable, how could the world imagine using these vaccines for their previously unintended purposes, and what additional actions would be required.

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Day 1 Monday 8 June

Day 2 Tuesday 9 June

Day 3 Wednesday 10 June

  • 17:45 - 18:20

    Key-note address: Bacillus Calmette-Guérin immunotherapy for bladder cancer: overview of an “off-target” effect of BCG immunotherapy


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Session 1 Off-target effects of vaccination: defining the concept-range of offtarget effects - Case studies


  • 18:30 - 18:50

    The WHO review of the non-specific effects of vaccination

    Terry NOLAN

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Session 1 Continued

  • 08:30 - 08:50

    Live vaccines and off-target effects: BCG and measles vaccines

    Peter AABY

  • 09:05 - 09:25

    Inactivated vaccines and off-target effects: DTP and interaction between live and inactivated vaccines

    Henrik RAVN

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Session 2 Priorities and Implications

Jacques LOUIS

  • 09:40 - 10:00

    What would be required to provide convincing evidence of off-target effects of vaccination?

    Stanley PLOTKIN

  • 10:45 - 11:05

    Requirements for new trials to examine off-target effects of vaccination

    Paul FINE

Session 3 Basic biological mechanisms accounting for the off-target effects of vaccination

William WARREN

  • 11:20 - 11:40

    Epigenetic reprogramming by listeria monocytogenes

    Melanie HAMON

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  • 11:55 - 12:15

    Trained immunity: impact for non-specific effects of vaccination

    Mihai NETEA

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  • 14:00 - 14:20

    Ontogeny of the immune system : implications for the response to vaccination

    Ofer LEVY

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  • 15:05 - 15:25

    Long-term innate immune memory via effects on bone marrow progenitors


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  • 15:25 - 15:40

    Detecting an immune signature of measles using Population Data

    Michael MINA

Session 4 How should the next generation of clinical trial and epidemiological studies be designed to provide convincing evidence of off-target/nonspecific effects of vaccination?


  • 16:10 - 16:30

    How could the childhood immunization programme be optimized in low- and high-income countries taking into account both specific and off-target effects of vaccines?

    Frank SHANN

  • 16:45 - 17:05

    Implications of beneficial off-target effects for upcoming eradication campains (measles and polio)

    Ane FISKER

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  • 17:20 - 17:40

    Vaccinations against smallpox and tuberculosis are associated with better long-term survival

    Christine STABELL-BENN

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  • 17:45 - 18:05

    Can trials in Africa study both off-target effects and determinants of severe morbidity/mortality?


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Session 4 Continued

  • 08:30 - 08:50

    Discovery and validation of homologous T cell epitopes in pathogens and humans: what implications for vaccines?

    Annie de GROOT

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  • 08:30 - 08:50

    Developing a new live pertussis vaccine with beneficial off-target effects

    Natalie MIELCAREK

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Session 5 Repurpose vaccines for off-target effects: the perspectives of donors, regulatory and public health authorities and industry


  • 10:45 - 11:05

    Regulatory implications and challenges

    Jesse GOODMAN

  • 11:20 - 11:40

    Open data, knowledge management and identification of new uses of old vaccines

    Barend MONS

  • 11:55 - 12:15

    An industry perspective

    Michel DEWILDE