In Togo, we work with the Pasteur Institute to develop laboratory infrastructure.


  • First Mérieux Foundation mission in 2012
  • 2 Togolese employees
  • RESAOLAB network member since 2013


Resaolab program actions

Togo is one of the 7 country members of the West African Network of clinical laboratories (RESAOLAB) created by the Mérieux Foundation. As part of this network, it participates annually in training, laboratory supervision, quality assurance and external quality assessment. The country also hosts training sessions by RESAOLAB trainers.

Togo is also one of the countries which has received scholarships for the BAMS course (Bachelor in Applied Medical Biology) held in Mali. Six Togolese lab technicians have been trained thanks to BAMS Mali.

RESAOLAB aims to provide member countries with laboratory management structures and, through the program, Togo will have a new Directorate of Pharmacy, Drugs and Laboratories, under the Health and Social Protection Ministry. We are also renovating the practical work rooms of the Advanced School of Biological and Food Technology and the Faculty of Health Sciences.

Enhancing research capabilities

Funded by the Agence de Médecine Préventive, the second phase of the PneumoTone study on etiological agents which cause pneumonia began in 2015. Aim: to analyze the impact of several vaccination campaigns on respiratory infections in the city of Dapaong in Togo.