Mérieux Foundation co-organized event

10th International Global Virus Network Meeting: Eradication and Control of (Re-)Emerging Viruses

November 28-30, 2018 - Les Pensieres Center for Global Health, Veyrier du Lac (France)


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10th International Global Virus Network Meeting: Eradication and Control of (Re-)Emerging Viruses group

The Global Virus Network (GVN) was established in 2011 in order to strengthen research and responses to current viral causes of human disease and to prepare against new viral pandemic threats. There are now 42 GVN Centers of Excellence and 7 Affiliate laboratories in 27 countries. GVN scientists meet annually to learn about each other’s current research, address collaborative priorities and plan future programs.

The 10th International Global Virus Network (GVN) Meeting was held from November 28-30 in Veyrier du Lac, France and was co-hosted by GVN Centers of Excellence, the Mérieux Foundation and the University of Veterinary Medicine Hannover (TiHo), and led by FM’s Dr. Hubert Endtz, TiHo’s Dr. Ab Osterhaus and GVN’s Dr. Christian Bréchot.

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Day 1 Wednesday, November 28

Day 2 Thursday, November 29

Day 3 Friday, November 30

Session 1 - Eradication of viruses

Chair: Diane GRIFFIN

Session 2 - Retroviruses: emergence and intervention strategies

Chair: Sharon LEWIN

Session 3 - Arboviruses: emergence and intervention strategies

Chairs: Scott WEAVER & Juliet BRYANT

Session 4 - Filo- and other HF viruses: outbreaks & preparedness

Chair: Stephan BECKER

Session 5 - Respiratory viruses

Chair: Ab Osterhaus

  • 16:30 - 16:55

    Pathogenesis and impact of respiratory viruses

    Peter OPENSHAW

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  • 16:55 - 17:20

    Human respiratory viruses: new kids on the block


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  • 17:20 - 17:45

    RSV F glycoprotein structure determines vaccine immunogenicity in a phase I clinical trial

    Michelle CRANK

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  • 17:45 - 18:10

    Influenza universal vaccines


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  • 18:10 - 18:35

    Respiratory viral infections in immunocompromised hosts

    Meagan DEMING

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Session 6 - Viruses affecting the CNS and PNS: challenges

Chair: Thomas MÜLLER

Session 7 - Viral threats in crisis settings

Chair: Hubert Endtz