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7th Vaccine Acceptance Meeting

September 23 - 25, 2019 - Les Pensières Center for Global Health, Veyrier du Lac (France)



Early in 2019, the World Health Organization labelled reluctance to receive recommended vaccines – despite the availability of vaccination services – as one of the 10 most important threats to global health. At the same time, global headlines reported a 300% increase in measles cases worldwide, with many outbreaks directly linked to vaccine acceptance.

Misinformation on the Internet and social media and the “anti-vaccine” movement are often blamed for vaccination programmes losing momentum. While public health organizations struggle with providing interventions to effectively promote vaccination at the population-level, many countries are considering implementing or tightening mandatory policies. Meanwhile, front-line vaccination providers need more support to address the vaccination concerns of patients in their practices.

There is an undeniable need for effective strategies to enhance vaccine acceptance and uptake in low, middle, and high-income settings. However, interventions must tackle the many drivers of vaccine acceptance and uptake, ranging from logistics (access to and awareness of affordable vaccines), to complex psychological, social, political and cultural factors. Fortunately, the field of research that is rigorously developing, implementing and evaluating interventions to address challenges around vaccine acceptance is growing rapidly.

Different initiatives are ongoing at the global level. The World Health Organization and UNICEF, along with other partners such as GAVI and the Gates Foundation, are creating a “hub for vaccine acceptance and demand” to better coordinate global efforts in the field. The new Vaccination Acceptance Research Network (VARN) is launching a global network of multi-disciplinary researchers and immunization program managers to address immunization program challenges and improve vaccination acceptance. Another initiative is this annual Vaccine Acceptance meeting in Annecy, France. Its success is highlighted by the creation of an informal community of practice that facilitates mutual learning and sharing of knowledge. Many initiatives and research projects have directly resulted from this meeting.

This 7th meeting will once again bring people from diverse sectors together to discuss emergent vaccine acceptance challenges and evidence-informed ways to address them.

The sessions will present different perspectives on strategies to enhance vaccine acceptance, ranging from training on vaccine acceptance, to policy interventions and vaccine mandates, to telling compelling stories about the importance of vaccination and efficacy.

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Meeting fees

  • Participants: €290*

The fees include registration, meeting materials, meals for the full period of the meeting. The participant will be responsible for their own travel, hotel accommodation and ground transportation costs.

*VAT included. All fees are due in full to confirm participation.

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