Mérieux Foundation co-organized event

Social Innovation in Health Initiative Partners Workshop

October 8-10, 2019 - Kampala (Uganda)


Workshop objectives

  • Improve the capacity of SIHI hubs to design, implement, and evaluate their own crowdsourcing projects
  • Test and provide feedback for the Philippines social innovation in health module
  • Showcase the SIHI Uganda hub to the other hubs’ and key stakeholders
  • Discuss collaborations and partnerships related to social innovation in health
  • Discuss a joint grant proposal for a multi-hub project (internal network only)

Learn more about SIHI Uganda at Makerere University

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Day 1 Tuesday, October 8

Day 2 Wednesday, October 9

Day 3 Thursday, October 10

Updates from each Hub

SIHI Philippines Hub


Crowdsourcing clinic : Steering Committee and Promotion

Crowdsourcing clinic : Receive contribution, recognize people & share solutions

Ugandan Innovation Talks: Innovators and partners

  • Governance, citizenship, and accountability: community-centered development in the Uganda health sector

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  • Supporting field-innovation for impact for the most vulnerable people

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  • Bahemuka Health Sure: Improving health through community action

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  • Affected or infected: an exhibition showcasing the history of HIV in Uganda

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  • Building end-to-end technology enabled healthcare: telemedicine, laboratory and pharmacy

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  • The innovative use of mobile portable ultrasound technology to improve antenatal care and prevention of mother to child transmission of HIV services in the rural communities in Kigeziregion of southwestern Uganda

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  • Providing opportunities for former fistula patients to lower the likelihood of requiring retreatment

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  • From marginalised youth to social entrepreneurs

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  • Promoting patients-provider engagement to increase skilled attendance using SMS in Kamuliand Luwerodistricts

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